Youth Research Library

Youth Research Library

Youth Research Library is a nationwide special library in the youth field maintained by the Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi.

The library is open for everyone interested in youth issues. Multidisciplinary and multilingual collection consists of literature, articles and DVDs.

The library is located in Allianssi House in Itä-Pasila, Helsinki. Library is open on weekdays 10-16 and on Wednesdays 10-18.


Anyone with a valid ID-card can borrow material.


Books may be borrowed for 28 days. Journals and magazines may be borrowed for one week. You are responsible for the material you borrow. You will be assessed with fees if your material is damaged or lost.

You can renew loans five times online (in Finnish) or by sending email to kirjasto(at) and asking for renewal. You can also renew by phone by calling 044 4165 205 or 044 4165 204.


Library users can reserve books online by going to the library database's search page.

  1. From the search results, add to basket by clicking "Lisää koriin".
  2. After picking the interesting titles, send the titles via email by clicking "Lähetä nimekkeet sähköpostilla".
  3. Email chosen titles to the library by choosing "Lähetä valitut sähköpostilla kirjastoon".
  4. Fill in your own email address to "Oma sähköpostiosoite", the subject line to "Aihe" and your message to "Viesti". Let us know you would like to reserve these materials.
  5. Send by clicking "Lähetä".

If you want to have information on youth in Finland in English, you can use keyword fin-eng. If there is an english summary in a Finnish language publication it is marked with the keyword **eng.


Boolean operators JATAI and EI can be used to better target your searches. 

JA means "and" 

TAI means "or"

EI means "no" 

Words may be right-hand truncated using an asterisk. For example communit* will fetch titles with either community or communities

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